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Offers and special buys #thrifty

The Aldi super-six this week are parsnips (600g), leeks (500g), snack pack grapes (170g), mangetout (150g), carrots (1.2kg) and white potatoes (2.5kg). They are all 49p each. Those offers finish on the 8th of April. 


There are also 6 meat offers that include turkey steaks and gluten free sausages. I’m tempted to go and see if they have the gluten free sausages this time. There isn’t much room in my freezer now though. Those sausages are delicious! The other specially selected ones are probably as good. If you don’t need gluten free, don’t buy those, you’re just wasting money. Gluten free isn’t the latest fashion!

Special Buys

 Today’s special buys are related to are related to camping and caravanning. The top one is a Garmin sat nav (199.99) especially for campers. It has a 7 inch screen. There is also a 19 inch caravan TV (99.99) suitable for caravans.  Note that has a 12V and a mains adapter. There’s a wifi repeater too for 19.99.

The Sunday special buys have a bathroom theme. I might look at the memory foam bath mat.

There are special buys on Monday too. They include a lamb shoulder joint for 5.99 a kilo. They also have turkey and duck crown, for Easter.


I bought a few things from Amazon this week. They sell for other retailers too and so I had to pay carriage on some items. I bought some canvas shoes (4.99)  that are really comfortable and will be great when it’s warm in the summer. I also bought a new router and set it up as a media server. That means I can have music and movies on my external hard drive plugged in the router and stream the movie or music on my laptop. It also works as a network drive via FTP.

I bought Wrangler jeans in size 33 waist as well and they fit great. I think the Novatech dash cam (39.95) I ordered for the car will be useful; I’ll review that after I’ve done a proper test. I’m still waiting for the 32Gb memory card to come.

The fingerless gloves I bought not long ago are great for just 1.69 (free delivery). I keep them in the car and use them when I am out in the cold taking photos. Even when it’s not too cold, but there is a chilly wind, they’re useful.


They have the holiday shop things in at Matalan. I might check out this Panama hat to keep the sun out of my eyes when I’m out taking photos. The luggage is on offer at Matalan too.

Shop local

Don’t forget to check out local shops and markets for bargains and offers too. I have a B&Q just down the road, but the local builder’s merchants is cheaper for a lot of things. The local car spares shop does trade too and that can not only be cheaper, you get professional advice for free.

Have you spotted any bargains or offers? Please share them in the comments box. You can also ask questions using the comments box. You can get updates by subscribing or you can follow me on Twitter.


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