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Hoss Muck #review


This photo of a wood pile  one of the more usual photographs I’ve taken here in the Black Country. I saw in local news that one place I have taken photos is now become a dumping group and someone has dumped what we in the Black Country call a load of ‘hoss muck’. The council says this is a bio-hazard.

The pile of horse excrement  will need specialist workers in Hazmat suits to remove it. I used to collect ‘hoss muck’ from the street after the milkman had been years ago. I never had a Hazmat suit…

I was probably lucky to escape that indignity. I just had to shovel it up and add it to our compost heap. We used to compost grass cuttings in bulk that we scrounged off the council workmen too. Do you need a Hazmat suit for those? If they bring back the horticultural show in the park, there could be a demand for ‘hoss muck’. You can’t grow giant leeks and pumpkins without it!

Taking AIM #investments was my post yesterday. I’ve come a long way since I used to invest my time in collecting ‘hoss muck’. Now I invest on the stock market. I swopped banks for pharma this week.

Offers and special buys #thrifty was on Thursday. I’m still thrifty, but struggle to mow the lawn so won’t be planting the garden with ‘hoss muck’ grown veggies this year. I do want the horticultural show back though.

Heritage of the Black Country #photography was on Wednesday and featured some photos of the rich heritage our forebears have left us in the Black Country to enjoy.

Creating a Black Country image #photography was more of the same on Tuesday. That post used varied images of the Black Country too.

Perceptions #life was on Monday. We all see things differently, while having many perceptions in common. Such is life.

Spring renewal #Sunday #ramble was my Sunday ramble last week. I mentioned the clocks going forward and then forgot to say when!

It is the last week in March and tomorrow is the last Sunday in March and so we spring our clocks forward an hour tomorrow. The last hour is a good time to take photos in spring and summer and that will be later now. I can do photography in the evenings! I think I’ll be out in the evenings more this year when there is less traffic. I made a video yesterday using my new dash cam or camcorder  and recorded how slow it is to go anywhere on a Friday with the traffic jams. I think many roads are badly planned and they use computers to plan them these days. They should use chimpanzees instead, we might get better roads…

That’s all for today, I’ll be writing another Sunday ramble tomorrow and the weather might be mentioned. It looks like it’s going to be another rainy weekend. You can subscribe to this blog, comment or you can follow me on Twitter for updates.

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