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Happy Easter #review

I’ve been writing this blog for a few years now, so when I want a picture to start the post or a bit of inspiration I just look in my media library on WordPress. I just caught these two geese flying over Hydes Pool last April. I named them Maverick and Goose, because they were flying in formation!

You can just about see in the picture that the leaves were coming on the trees and they were coming into blossom too. At the end of May and beginning of June there will be millions of flowers lining the river and parts of the canal too. I’ll be out this weekend taking photographs of a narrowboats gathering at Tipton in the Black Country. Spring is definitely here. Happy Easter!

Politics risks #finance was my post yesterday when I wrote about looking at political risks when deciding on investments. We have a General Election looming, so who knows what we might get next month. Right, left or centre whose side is your money on?

Offers and bargains #thrifty was my usual thrifty post this week and more popular than usual. We have to save a few quid so we can invest for the future!

Wednesbury Pictures #photography was my photography post on Wednesday. I used photographs that I’ve taken around Wednesbury for this week’s post. I’m now an admin of the History of Wednesbury Facebook page, so I have to think local!

Wednesbury: born and bred #photography was here on WordPress and featured more pictures from my home town.

Nostalgia and wealth #life was about our heritage too and the need to preserve it. It does define who we are and our culture.

Wednesbury History #Sunday #ramble was my usual Sunday ramble through the dusty pathways of my mind and my mind was on history and heritage this week.  The success of a Facebook page seems to be counted in how many ‘likes’ it gets and we got a few this week, so I’m doing something right.

I have to admit, I did have a little experience in the social media pathways of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn. A link to this blog post will automatically go to all of them!

I’ve been doing some video clips for the history group this week, using a dash-cam fixed to my car windscreen. They have proven quite popular, but the weather has been quite dark and miserable. Maybe with a little sunshine this weekend I’ll be able to do better ones. I shall be taking lots of photos this weekend anyway at the boat gathering.

Happy Easter.


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