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Tipton Narrow-boat gathering #photography


It was Easter weekend and there was a narrow-boat gathering and although the weather was cloudy I got some decent shots. I took this shot on a landscape ‘scene’ setting, but then switched to manual for this better shot.

On manual I can set the aperture just a little bit wider and that brings out the colours. I can adjust the brightness in post shoot editing. I was up on a bridge for this shot, normally I would have more sky in the picture, but this seems to work.



This scene looks nice, but I’m also sharing something that can only be seen in places like Tipton in the  Black Country. This was just a narrowboat gathering, but there will be a festival in September. This was my first shot and I wanted to get up close and personal with those boats!


This image is better and I like the background, but it still lacks people. People can make a picture and shows what the scene is about.


An event like this gives you a great photo-opportunity to get some great shots. I have events such as fun days, a classic car show and the carnival lined up through spring and summer as photo-opportunities. There are lots of opportunities through both spring and summer, but the weather can be a problem; just make the most of the good days. 


Narrowboats might be slow, but you have to be quick sometimes to get your shot. That one was just leaving. The scene modes like ‘sport’ can be good at events for capturing the action when you don’t have time to mess around with the best settings. 

I hope you have enjoyed today’s glimpse of life on the water in the Black Country. You can follow this blog by using the widget in the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates.

I’ll finish with an assortment of images from my library.

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