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Golden Hours #photography


The weather was quite stormy and windy on Sunday. I had looked at this scene before and thought it would be a good shot, but the weather wasn’t ideal. The ideal time for this shot would be about 5am on a clear morning! I won’t get up at that time, but I’ll bear the shot in mind next time I’m there.

Golden hours

They say the first hour and last hour of the day are the golden hours for photography. Now the nights are getting lighter all the time in the UK we can go out and do some great photography in the evenings. The capture of light using a camera requires some understanding and appreciation of light. It has different wavelengths or frequencies, just like radio waves; many of which we see as different colours. There are also some frequencies, such as ultra violet and infra red, that we can’t see. When the sun is really bright at midday, it can be a very harsh light. The softer light tends to be at the golden hours, that first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset.

7 APRIL 2015  (104)

That harsh light affects colours. You can see it clearly in this photo, the grass is a very pale green, but in reality it was quite lush and dark.

7 APRIL 2015  (155)

It looks different in this shot, because it’s more shaded.  It’s worth checking when the golden hours are on the time and date website. Then you can go out and catch that last golden hour, which for me today, will be 7 until 8pm. You can do some shots in the twilight after 8pm. For example shooting lights trails with the shutter open for a few seconds can be good at twilight. You still have enough light for a narrower aperture. So the hour after the golden hour can be useful too.

7 APRIL 2015  (12)

You can choose subjects that you can shoot with a close up, if the light is very harsh too. You can also consider using a filter.

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