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Cheap and cheerful #thrifty

The Aldi super-six this week are cucumber, lemons (3), little gem lettuce (2), broccoli, onions (1 kg) and baking potatoes (4). They are all 39p this week and the offer ends on the 22nd of April.

The checkouts at Aldi are much faster than the big supermarkets and its cheaper. The range of products isn’t quite as varied, but it’s cheap and cheerful.

Today’s special buys at Aldi have a keep-fit theme and they even have a few things for repairing the damage like deep heat rub. The eyewear cleaning wipes are back on offer and they are great for cleaning glasses, but I use them for cleaning my camera lenses too. They are cheap and effective compared to other makes.

The top special buy on Sunday is some leisure trainers for ladies at 14.99. They look good. There are some beauty products too. The Lyons Maid ice cream (99p) might sell well now the weather has improved.

Cheap clothes

When the weather is better we can wear cheaper clothes, but it’s still a little chilly in the spring breeze, so a long sleeve tee shirt is a good idea. I had my long sleeve tees from Matalan. I have a ordinary one and a grandad tee shirt, which are fashionable again. Tee shirts can be used as an extra thermal layer in winter too and they are as little as £4 at Matalan.

Blue Inc is more fashionable than Matalan, but they have a permanent sale too. I have a few tee shirts and sweaters from there.

Amazon have offers on clothes too, but they tend to be expensive clothes that have been reduced. I had some jeans from Amazon, because I could get them in 33 waist. I wanted  one pair that actually fit rather than being inch too big or an inch too small. The seasons are changing, so many winter lines are on offer now. Most people prefer lighter colours in summer too and there are a few offers on summer clothes.


I’m not particularly fashionable, but I know what’s really naff (like onesies). I wear a linen look hat when it’s nice weather for photo shoots, because people remember the hat and recognise me as the photographer! I wore a body warmer with big pockets for the last one too; the pockets are just large enough to hold a lens when I’m doing a lens change. I hope to get a waistcoat for summer with similarly large pockets.


I don’t ignore the big supermarkets either. They have good clothes and they can be on offer too. Asda George has a sale on now and tee shirts for as little as £3. Tesco have tee shirts at 2 for £7 and again they are great for summer or as a base layer in winter.

There are lots of cheap and cheerful bargains around, but try to get value for money. Paying a little extra can be worthwhile sometimes. Cheap doesn’t always mean poor quality either.

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