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St Georges Day #review

It’s St George’s Day on Thursday and will be celebrated as St George is the patron saint of England. There is an event at West Bromwich Manor House today and it’s the Stone Cross St George’s Day parade tomorrow.

Nationalists have tried to hijack that event in the past, but there will be police and security there on Sunday, so we hope it will be a community day out. I’ll try to take a few pictures.

Rampers and rumours #investments was my post on Friday about the rumours that affect the stock market. I like them, they send share prices down and give me an opportunity to buy and send prices up giving me an opportunity to sell. The trick is not to be taken in by them, like the posh boys in the city.

Cheap and cheerful #thrifty was on Thursday. I’ve acquired a taste for cold gluten free sausage salads and with the weather improving I’ll be eating more of them!

Spring photos #photography was my Wednesday photography post over on A Zillion Ideas. That post had some nice photos.

Golden hours #photography was here on WordPress. We have a little better weather for photography now and events, so I’ll be out this weekend with my camera.

Learn from experience #life was on Monday. We can all learn from experience, can’t we? Well maybe not politicians, they have a plan and they’re sticking to it come hell or high water. Maybe when they have an independent Scotland and UKIP has us out of the EU and the Green Party has covered the country in windmills and the Tories have privatised the NHS; they will all be happy.

Memories #Sunday #Ramble was my usual Sunday ramble through the  less trodden pathways of my mind. I’ll be clearing the cobwebs again tomorrow to write my Sunday ramble before going to photograph the St George’s Day parade. I’ll have to get a move on, I have to be there at 10.45. I must remember to take a drink and a bag of crisps…

That’s it for today, I hope you have enjoyed my articles this week. I’m still admin of the local history group, they didn’t sack me. We are not just getting all nostalgic about the rich history of the town, but recording history in words, pictures and video for future generations.

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