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Knights in shining Armour #English


The whole concept of being English is based on codes of behaviour. We talk about knights in shining armour who are chivalrous. Men who know how to behave and are courteous and gallant, especially towards women. This is where the values of the typical ‘English gentleman’ come from.

Our English values set us a high standard of behaviour, one that protects the weaker in society and the oppressed. It is this code of behaviour, this moral code that has earned the English the respect of the world. It’s not money, it’s not race, it’s not genetic superiority; it’s values. The respect is earned, not bought and not assumed.

Racism has no place in this code of ethics. People of other races are our neighbours and the English believe in treating our neighbours as we would want to be treated. Nationalism has no place in such a worthy code of ethics either, it is nasty and divisive. When people come to our country with his rich history and natural beauty they often come as our guests and should be treated as guests.

The polite behaviour, opening doors for ladies and having good manners, is simply about caring for other people. Taking responsibility, it’s diplomacy for everyday life. Some will say such behaviour belongs in the past and that it’s all a bit Downton Abbey. I’m not talking about pseudo good manners and faking it. I’m talking about a genuine desire to live in a calm and peaceful world, where people help each other, rather than look for conflict and scapegoats.

Diplomacy was borne out of the medieval code of chivalry and is preferred to war with all it’s costs and suffering. Communication helps us to understand other people and understand their needs and fears. We can also allay our own fears when people seem different to us and makes us suspicious and unsure. Being English does require some bravery.

Today’s picture was taken at West Bromwich Manor House, a St George’s Day event to mark the symbolism associated with being English and proud of it. Not proud of our race, that is nothing; but proud of our open minded values.

I’m going to photograph a St George’s Day Parade today, maybe people will remember the English values of justice and equality when they see the symbols. Robin Hood took from the rich to give to the needy poor. We have a rich elite that is taking from the poor to add to their wealth; just like the ruthless and quite nasty Prince John. I don’t think King Richard will be back from the crusades this time, nor should we have a crusade against Islam. Our neighbours are different from us, accept it and put hatred aside. We have to enforce a reasonable standard of behaviour at times, society and the world needs to be policed, but with understanding, tolerance  and compassion.

That’s it for today. What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments box and you can follow me on Twitter too.


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