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By George – its English #thrifty

Yes, it’s St George’s Day today and so maybe you’ll want to cook something typically English or treat your family to fish ‘n’ chips. You don’t have to spend a fortune, if money is a bit tight; sausage, egg and chips is just as English.

The Aldi super-six this week are butternut squash, green beans (220g), button mushrooms (200g), sweet potatoes (750g), pineapple and fun-size pears. They are all 49p each.

While you’re looking at those see if there is any English produce to try. It’s not a great time of year for English produce to be in season, but look anyway and try to support our farmers and producers. The eggs are British and you will probably find British sausages too!

The top special buy today is a lawnmower and there are other gardening items too.  The British lamb’s liver is 1.99 a kilo. Liver and onions for dinner?

The top special buys on Sunday are salamis. There is wild boar salami, venison salami, whole pork salami and spice coated salami.  I might look at those, it would make a change.

I opened another pack of the gluten free sausages this week and had sausage and mash with garden peas. I had to have it twice, because I live alone and there are six fat sausages in a pack. I made delicious Bovril onion gravy the second time…

I don’t really care what I wear on a day like today, but I was out photographing events at the weekend so wore designer jeans and sweaters. I bought the jeans because they fit me better (33” waist) and the tee shirt and sweaters were on special offer. You can have designer clothes at a bargain price if you shop around and choose your own style rather than follow the crowd. Some designer clothes are designed and made better, but not all of them. Some are poorly made, but are very fashionable. They are OK if they are a tee shirt, but don’t spend a lot on poorly made jeans, just because they have rips in the right places…

Most people will be wearing tee shirts soon as the weather improves. Some printed tee shirts are cool, if they have the New York skyline on; but can be naff if they have a rude slogan. Consider the colour when buying tee shirts for summer, light colours reflect light and the heat radiation from the sun. They are cooler to wear, black might look macho, but can look really naff. Just look at David Cameron, who wears black shirts in the blistering heat of tropical countries. He didn’t pass his physics GCSE did he? There is a reason why professional cricketers wear whites.

Hats are in fashion for the summer, especially sun hats for children. Matalan has a selection and Panama hats for just £6. I might try one on when I go there.

Amazon have lots of sun hats too, but they’re aren’t quite as cheap as Matalan. Of course in Britain, you need a brolly in summer too; I had mine from Matalan.

It’s nice and sunny today, but a little chilly, where I am in the heart of England (The Black Country). I’ll need a lightweight sweater over my tee shirt today. Tee shirts are so versatile, they can be worn as a base layer in winter or as a single cool layer in summer.

We have to think about seasonal things now we’re a month into spring. Preparing the garden for summer will give us lots of jobs to do. My lawn is growing at an amazing rate, about four inches a week! We can start to think about summer barbecues now too and if you need a new one, you might find some on special offer.

Have a great St Georges Day, cook something special and celebrate with genuine English beer tonight or a few glasses of Dandelion and Burdock if you don’t drink alcohol.

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