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Bank Holiday events #review

Today’s picture is of ‘West Bromwich’ Manor House. There is a re-enactment on there today of an American Civil War battle. It is bank holiday in the UK and so there will be lots of events to go to and for me to photograph.

I found out that the Manor House wasn’t in West Bromwich until boundary changes in 1966. They can steal our Manor House, but never our memories or our history!

Anyway, this is my Saturday review and I wrote a few posts this week. I even had one published in the Wolverhampton Express and Star.

Politics and investments #GE2015 was my post yesterday. Changes in policy will make a difference. If the rich get richer, Harrods will do better, if the poor are better off, supermarkets will do better. I own shares in Tesco, I’m cheering for people on benefits and minimum wages. Harrods will survive…

Supermarket offers #thrifty was Thursday’s post. That was for the poorer people too!

Tipton Cut #Tipton #Photography was my post on photography on Wednesday and used photos of the Birmingham canal.

Changing Light was on Tuesday and was photography too.

Perceptions #Sunday #Ramble was my Sunday ramble last weekend.  We all see things differently. We are affected not just by the present, but by the past and that colours our perceptions of the future.

I hope everyone enjoys the bank holiday weekend. I think May Day is celebrated in many countries and is a celebration of spring.

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