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Rain, what rain? #Sunday #ramble

Boer war  (146)

I took today’s photo a year ago at West Bromwich Manor House. The Boer War re-enactment group is there again this weekend for a re-enactment of an American civil war battle. The bank holiday weather isn’t good. As usual, we have rain. At the moment it seems to have stopped and we’re British, we just go on!

Yes, it’ll be a case of rain,  what rain and they’ll get on with it. It might be a little late but they’ll keep their powder dry! I’ll go and take some photos later and try to keep my camera dry. It’s not like I haven’t taken pictures in the rain before. I’ve  taken photos in the fog before now.

You might have noticed that we have a general election this week. I remember Thatcher, so this isn’t the first time we’ve had to get rid of a nasty government. I worry that there might be another ‘winter of discontent’ if Labour win and don’t keep their election promises. We need a glorious summer to lift people’s spirits. A nice increase in the minimum wage will lift them more though. Many middle class people vote Tory and earn much more than the minimum wage, but often their wives have part time jobs on minimum wage. It’s those women who look after the children and often the elderly too, that deserve a pay rise.

What we really need is the likes of Paul McCartney and Elton John to help the young to create a successful band. Remember Abba outselling Volvo cars for Sweden? Our pop and rock bands of the sixties took the world by storm and made shed loads of money. I remember the Beatles driving around in a psychedelic Rolls Royce. It was better than going down the mines, wasn’t it lads? I’m not sure if the girls of today would lift their heads from their smart phones to scream at a new band, but maybe they could beamed straight into their smart phones?

Rain, what rain?

It is hard to organise a pop concert, when it keep raining. It’s not a matter of saying rain, what rain and keeping your powder dry. They have to keep the equipment dry. There’s nothing worse than a wet microphone…

Sunday lunch

I used to write my Sunday ramble while I cooked Sunday lunch. I’m early today so I can take my time and ramble slower and for longer! I like a lighter lunch if I’m taking photos in the afternoon. We eat too much anyway. I photographed one of my meals; it was sausage and mashed potato with peas. Someone said I didn’t eat much when they saw the photo, but that meal must have been 450 kcal and quite enough for someone like me. I’m quite tall to so it doesn’t really show when I gain weight. I see some people eating meals that are around 600 kcal or more and then adding a couple of thousand kcals of alcohol in the evening. Meals aren’t a big problem, unless you’re greedy. It’s the snacks, chocolate and booze that can be a problem.

Since I took up photography, I watch the sky a lot to judge not only the light, but the changing weather. There are dark clouds to the east, but to the west where the rain usually comes in, it looks a lot brighter. I’ll get ready take advantage of any photo opportunity.

Rain, what rain…

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