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The truth is out there #review

My picture today is of a lock-keepers cottage. It looks like an old picture, but in fact it’s quite recent. I removed the satellite dish and television aerial. It looks quite picturesque, but demonstrates nicely, that you can’t trust your perceptions these days. The truth is out there, but buried in a pile of ONS statistics.

What caused Britain’s financial crisis? Was it Lehman Brothers going bust or the Labour government. It seems Ed Miliband accepted the propaganda and thought it was Gordon Brown. Gordon Brown on the other hand believes he saved the world with quantitative easing when Lehman Brothers went bust. The truth is that none of the newspapers tell the truth, because no one seems to know the whole truth any more. Look at the Lib Dems, they were actually surprised when they got wiped out this week. They were delusional, to say the least.

Finance Friday #austerity was yesterday’s post, in the light of a Tory win and more austerity to come. That pleased the city and share prices soared a little yesterday morning.

Online and offline marketing #thrifty was for those of you who didn’t benefit from Friday’s bullish stock market. We all need to save a few quid and invest. I’m glad I chose the stock market rather than 4% pensioner bonds.

Boer War Staffords #photography was  Wednesday’s photography post. I was asked to do a photo shoot this week and I expect to get more invitations to photograph events through the summer. This gives me new photos to use, but also promotes local events and organisations.

American civil war re-enactment #photography was on Tuesday and also used photos from Sunday’s re-enactment. The weather is still changeable, so photography is still difficult. I hope to take photos this weekend, but need to weather to improve.

Uniform history affecting our lives #life was on Monday. I can remember when a uniform was respected, even the park keeper had one. That’s not always true today.

Rain, what rain? #Sunday #ramble was my usual Sunday ramble. I went out after that and photographed that re-enactment. What will I photograph this week? I have no idea yet. I haven’t seen any events on this weekend, so I’ll have to improvise.

I’ll be writing another Sunday ramble tomorrow, before my afternoon out taking photographs. I’m thinking about future generations, looking at my photos and seeing the way things were at the beginning of the 21st century. Maybe photos will be so old fashioned they will only watch videos? Who knows what people will be into in the 22nd century. They might have to make good use of video, travel could be banned because of the effect on climate change. They could have constant rain and air pollution…

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