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It could be worse #Sunday #ramble

So, the Tories pulled a fast one. Instead of targeting Labour seats they went after the Lib Dems instead. It makes sense, rather than go after  the left wing constituencies, they swayed the middle of the road voter to turn right. It could be worse though, even though we have five more years of austerity.

Imagine in 2020 that our high streets are one long line of pound shops, food banks and charity shops. Imagine for a moment, that your local hospital has closed, like they closed Stafford and they have  moved services like maternity 20 miles away. Imagine for a moment, that the elevated section of the M6 now has thousands of homeless people living under it. Imagine for a moment that we have renegotiated our membership of the EU and the Human Rights Act has been abolished. Imagine for a moment, that GP surgeries are open 7 days a week, but you have to pay a tenner to see your GP and your garden has been confiscated to make way for for HS 2. It can’t get worse than that, can it?

Lib Dem

Now if we take our focus away from what the Tories might do and look at the Lib Dems. What will they do? They have had a crushing defeat while Nicola Sturgeon made history leading a SNP Scottish revolt. I can see the Lib Dem elite, who have no ideas of their own, thinking maybe they need a strong woman to lead them. Someone who will appeal to everyone, so no posh accent. Someone from Birmingham perhaps? White Dee from Benefits Street wanted to stand for parliament, she would be ideal!


Who could Labour select for their fight back? How about Chuka Ummuna for their leader.

Q: Why did Labour lose?

Umunna says “Labour did not lose because of Scotland. David Cameron won in England too.”

“Labour does best when it combines compassion with aspiration.”

“There was not enough of an offer to aspirational voters,” he says.

Yes, Chuk, you go after the wet Conservative voters, just like the Lib Dems did. Just saying no to austerity, like Nicola Sturgeon did, wouldn’t work would it? 

I hope they don’t make him leader, I would have to remember how to spell his name.

We hear a lot about people who are aspirational, who want to be better than themselves. They can aspire to being better people; just show some compassion and have some values. Cameron’s idea of aspirational means being greedy, grabbing more power and more and more money when he talks about aspirations.

So in 2020, we have a woman leading the Lib Dems and Chukka as Labour leader going into a general election. David Cameron has just resigned and the Tories are trying to choose between George Osborne and Boris Johnson to lead the Conservatives with Iain Duncan Smith as chancellor…

See, it could be worse…

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