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How to get the perfect shot. #photography


Most cameras are really smart now, they can recognise subjects and have built in light meters to help you get that perfect picture. They can’t do everything though, what if you want a dark mysterious picture? Then you have to set the camera yourself, rather than relying on auto settings.

The same applies if you are shooting on a cloudy day and want the picture to look like it was shot on a sunny day. Maybe the light is cold and harsh and you want a warmer look to the image? Then you have to ‘tell’ the camera what you want and also edit the picture, until you get just the image you want too.


It all starts with you composing your shot and although this shot is interesting enough, it doesn’t have much depth. I would have liked more of an angle, but I can’t walk on water!


This picture has more perspective, but I think the cyclist is really important to the picture. I think I would have got a much better picture later in the day.


To get this picture just right, I needed to shoot in the morning and although this was late morning, it’s a good picture. It would have probably been even better if I had took the shot in the early morning light that would have been softer.


I’ve took this shot many times before and I know it could be better than this. I think most people would be happy with this shot, but I would have liked something to break the shot up, like a swan or a duck and I would have liked softer light. By being critical, we can identify what would make a shot better. I have timed a few shots to try to get the perfect shot in late afternoon, when I’ve wanted a good shot for a competition. Notice how I tried to get depth and perspective in this shot, shooting down the pool and getting foliage in the foreground.

How do you get the perfect shot? Just keep practising and learn to understand your camera and what it can do. Experiment too and be critical of the images you capture. Often a narrower aperture will make a landscape shot or a wide aperture will bring your subject into perfect focus. Experience is everything, as you search for the perfect shot.

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  1. Reblogged this on oshriradhekrishnabole.

    12, May 2015 at 11:31 am

  2. Hi Mike, Wow, this was very helpful. You’re right, when I think back about my favourite photographs here, I often think of the dark, moody ones that convey a scene perhaps out of a movie. Good point that smart cameras try to get the brightest shots but they won’t convey a mood.

    I like that you showed us what not to do. My favourite shot in this post is of the pub, as I like both the pub and the blue sky behind it. But you’re right about the shadows interfering with the photo. The bottom photo has a white sky which isn’t as appealing to me.

    I think I’m probably the opposite of you. I don’t go out looking for photos to take. I live in a beautiful area and pull out my phone when I’m particularly struck by the beauty surrounding me. But I don’t have a photography blog to fill with photos!

    13, May 2015 at 12:34 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      In this country we have to plan in advance, because of the weather! Photos of water are often the best when the cloud is quite win and a pale colour, it reflects an even light. That photo of the pub was good, but it would have been better in a less harsh light. I shot some video the other evening and the light would have been quite good for stills, but it was terrible for video! I have begun taking stock photos, just photos that relate to things I might write about. The events season has started now, so I hope to get pictures at the carnivals and other events. I’ve gained some experience now and I think I’ll get better pictures this year. I’m even being asked specifically to take pictures!

      I shall be visiting your blog later, I’m trying to make stock market decisions at the moment; they always require all my concentration!

      13, May 2015 at 12:43 pm

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