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Cutting out the middle man #thrifty

Cutting out the middleman can be difficult, sometimes farm shops can be as expensive as going to a local shop, but they do sometimes offer better quality and freshness. There are so many middlemen these days, they add the cost for their premises, marketing and advertising and often VAT is added too.

Cutting the cost

You can sometimes avoid some VAT by buying from a business that is exempt from VAT, such as a market trader.  Some people sell tomatoes and other food from their greenhouse in summer or from their allotment. That can be a good source of fresh organic produce. Otherwise we just have to use the supermarket:

The Aldi super six this week are baby plum tomatoes (275g), baby corn (135g), salad potatoes (1kg), snack pack grapes (170g), fun-size apples and white mushrooms (380g). They are all 59p each and new offers start on 21st May.

You can try car boot sales and fayres, some people sell plants from their garden or greenhouse there.

Not long ago I bought a camera bag from Aldi and those are back in today’s special buys.  I get my 300mm lens in the bag, my Nikon D3200 and a speedlight in a side pocket. There are also spare batteries and even an extra pair of glasses in there too. Those are on offer for 9.99 today, as well as laptop bags and other useful items. There is also an action camcorder for 29.99. I’ve bought one for my car and it’s similar. Mine cost £40 from Amazon and I spent about another £10 on a 32Gb memory card for it.

The special buys on Sunday are all food related. I had some nice ice lollies from Aldi last summer, I hope they have those again! I don’t eat dairy products…

Whatever you’re buying, you are paying for the advertising and marketing. Some companies keep prices down by using quite clever marketing. Amazon can be very good in that way, but they will try to get you to buy an expensive item first. Try putting the item you want on your wish list and see if the price drops or they offer you a comparable item at a lower cost.

All types of insurance can be expensive if the company spends a lot on flashy advertising, so shop around especially for car insurance. It takes up a lot of time to shop around, but I halved the cost of my car insurance last year and got free AA cover thrown in.

In the garden

I’m thinking about mowing the lawn today. The grass cuttings can act as a mulch, stifling weeds by cutting out the light and then rotting down to a good organic compost to enrich the soil. I get rid of the grass cuttings and save on weed killer and compost!


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