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BC (52)

This landscape is nothing special, unless you live in one of those houses on the right or recognise the road as being in your neighbourhood. Photographs are part of art and so stimulate interest and the more ‘engagement’ there is the more valuable the picture is to the viewers. In 50 years time this will be treasure!

BC (56)

For this shot I was shooting towards the sun. It makes for an interesting picture, but you have to be careful. In this picture there is a slight ‘halo’ effect around the leaves. That can make object like trees stand out more.

BC (59)

This is Hydes pool on the other side of town from where I live. I’ve taken lots of photos there, but they are all different. I’ve had geese and swans in the pictures and I’ve been there when there has been snow and when it was frozen over. Seasons change, the weather changes and the light changes, giving lots of variation.

BC (11)

This is the river Tame that runs on the other side of the pool. This provided water power to kick start the industrial revolution, long before steam was used.

BC (16)

This playing field is on the other side of the river too and beyond those trees and bushes is the Tame Valley canal. That gives us a lot to photograph in a relatively small area. The images convey a message of sorts, in this one we see a pleasant place to walk the dog; in others we see a place where we might like to live or go fishing. These places are managed and looked after so provide good images.

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