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Driving me crazy #review

BC (41)

I’m not as young as I used to be. I look at things I can’t change and become resigned to it. I appreciate many things more as  experience has taught me they are valuable. I saw a comment by a young driver who thinks all old people should be banned from motorways, because  to him they hog the outside lane.

Driving me nuts

I must admit that annoys me, I often see people hogging the outside lane on dual carriageways, but they are all ages, not just older people. They are usually just on the speed limit of 40 and think no one should pass them. Sometimes, I want to pass the car in front, because they keep slowing down or braking harder than needed and I have to be patient. Younger drivers are less patient and that is just one reason they have more accidents. I read some comments about hidden cameras on motorways catching drivers out. I think they should all be in plain view, the object is not to ‘catch’ drivers, but to deter speeding. Traffic calming drives me crazy too, we have the lot here; kerbs sticking out into the road, speed humps, traffic lights every few hundred yards and just plain weird road layouts. No wonder we have a mental health crisis as a nation, we drive each other nuts.

I wrote a few blog posts this week:

Market makers #investments was my thoughts on investing money. I ended the week, with a small return on my modest investments. I’m quite surprised how well I’ve been doing this month, but have concerns about the political factors in the economy.

Offers and special buys #thrifty was my money saving post on Thursday. We all have to be thrifty and frugal these days!

Capturing the light #photography was my mid-week photography post with some useful tips on getting better pictures.  I might be out over this weekend taking more pictures, I’m hoping the weather will improve by tomorrow.

Local landscapes #photography was my other photography post here on WordPress. Those photos were taken around where I live.

Culture and nostalgia #life was on Monday. I must admit to not liking Mondays very much, so sometimes I take the day off and do nothing. That post was quite good though, so I would have thought it would have been more popular. Maybe it was a little too parochial?

Dark Secrets #Sunday #Ramble was on Sunday as usual. I thought that would have been more popular too. I’m still admin of a Facebook page for local history. I read up on the Staffordshire hoard this week. That was a hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold found in a field in north Staffordshire.  I think that was buried before a battle for safety from the enemy and then things didn’t go well and they didn’t return to retrieve it. Is there a hoard here, in what used to be south Staffordshire? There might be!

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