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Spring and summer #photography

Black Country (15)

Through spring and summer there will be a lot more opportunities for me to take photos. I want to do more events this year and I did one on Saturday night. In this picture, you can see the church that dominates the skyline. There was a fund raising show on Saturday, to raise funds to repair the ‘Woden’ window.

The ‘Woden’ window is a stained glass window in our historic church, Woden being the heathen god of the Anglo Saxons.


This is Brendan Hawthorne, our local poet laureate, giving us a rendition of some of his unique Black Country poetry. For lots of shots at events you need to zoom in and at indoor events you have to compensate for the poor light.


Having the camera set for multiple shots allow you to capture those moments when something happens to spark some emotion. At a recent battle re-enactment, I caught the moment that an explosive detonated when it shouldn’t have.


You can edit the picture and make it lighter or darker and add contrast. If you have a wide variation of skin tones in your image, then you just have to compromise. I took lots of pictures so could experiment with different editing techniques. I cropped this one closer than I would normally, I think it works.


You can experiment with greyscale and sepia and colorize some shots for interesting effects. This is Billy Spakemon, who tells Black Country stories in his own unique style. I think the image styling  fits his performance style.


The new version of PhotoScape has some film effects. You load your image and click film effects and then hover over them until you see one you like. They can give an arty effect to a picture you might otherwise delete.

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