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Money saving offers and ideas. #thrifty

The Aldi super-six this week are red onions (1kg), sweetbite peppers (150g), chestnut mushrooms (150g), rhubarb (400g), Jersey Royal new potatoes (500g) and green beans (220g). They are all 59p each and the offer lasts until Thursday 4th of June.

Money saving offers

The special buys today at Aldi are for babies, the top one being a high chair for 18.99.

The Sunday special buys for 31st of May include a 42” full HD television for 199.99. The details are a bit skimpy, but I think it records via USB, which means you can record onto a flash drive.  The men’s leather boat shoes are on offer for 16.99. They are very fashionable at the moment. There are a pair of surge protected power adapters too. I’m not sure how useful they would be.

I wasn’t very impressed with the offers at Tesco, but they did have gluten free sausages. I’ve still got some of the Aldi ones in my freezer, they’re delicious.

I wasn’t impressed with the offers at Asda either. I do shop there sometimes for clothing and they have turkey drumsticks and chicken wings which I like.

Blue Inc do trendy clothes for the 18 – 30 age group. They always have a sale on, but don’t display the clothing very well on their website. You can pick up the odd fashionable item that is reduced.

You are more likely to find a bargain in the Matalan sale. 

I had one of my photos printed some time ago on a canvas bought through Amazon. The price is even cheaper now. The canvas I had was 30 inches wide, so I allowed 3000 px wide and I added a border. Next time, I’ll probably send a photo that is 6000 pixels wide. They make a good arty wall hanging.

That’s it for this week. Please share your bargains and ideas in the comments box. You can subscribe to this blog by using the widget in the sidebar or you can follow me on Twitter  for updates.


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