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photography and writing #review


Just about everyone has a camera now and so professional photographers complain that it is hurting their business. I think the professional can still get much better shots and so will be used for weddings, but these days news photographs and stock photos often come from expensive smart phones.

I’m finding it is more important now to protect my photos with a copyright notice. In the UK, they don’t need that notice. I just need to be able to prove in court that I took the photo and I usually can because it will be part of a series of photos. I usually don’t mind if someone uses one of my photos, if they ask first. If it’s a big organisation using it for commercial purposes then I think they should contribute to the cost of producing the image and my camera and time doesn’t come cheap. I have given some photos away this week, but one was simply stolen by a commercial organisation that would normally have to pay for a photo. That was a photo I went to a lot of trouble to take as part of a series, so I think they should have paid for that one. The law in this country makes suing for damages an expensive, hit and miss affair, so that will get away with what is simply theft. I put a lot of time and money into photography and writing, I don’t like my stuff being stolen.

Peaks and troughs #investing was my Friday post, that too is copyrighted. No one wants to buy that either!

Money saving offers and ideas #thrifty was my thrifty post on Thursday. That might save you a few quid.

Wednesbury funding raising event #photography was my usual photography post on Wednesday. One good thing this week was I got more evidence to show there was a Anglo-Saxon castle in Wednesbury in medieval times. Princess Aethelflaed was a genuine warrior princess, daughter of Alfred the Great; not a fake royal covered in expensive bling.

Spring and summer #photography was my photography post on Tuesday. That featured photos from last weekends photo-shoot and some from previous events.

Community Event #life was on Monday, when I wrote about the event that I photographed on Saturday night. Other people took photos and shot video too, but I think maybe I did a little better with a DSLR and a bit of equipment.

Community Events #Sunday #ramble was my usual Sunday ramble through the little used pathways of my mind. In that I questioned whether it was important to spend £30,000 to fix the church window. I have given that some thought. I am admin of the history group and many people remember historic buildings that have been demolished only to be replaced by ‘plastic’ eyesores. So the church is important. The ‘consultant’ advising on the window is an architect and he think original techniques should be used, such as yak hair in the mortar. I think the DIY approach with a bag of Readymix, could be a mistake; but maybe a master builder could be asked for a second opinion? Anyway, I paid to attend that event last Saturday, so I have made a contribution. I also donated a lot more to the food bank, so I have my priorities right. The point is, we can afford both, to support the food bank and to contribute to maintaining our important local heritage.

I’ll be rambling on again tomorrow. I have to decide on a place to photograph this weekend. I have no events to go to, but it will be carnival weekend next week!

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