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Summer events and landscapes #photography

The end of spring and through the summer is the events season for me and I hope to do a lot more this year. The first carnival is next weekend. I’ll still do landscape photography, but will be photographing people more and so I’ll try to either get close to them or zoom in with a 18 – 105 mm lens.

The more definition you have, the more the people are recognisable. I’ll use different settings on my camera. I find the sports setting useful, it’s very fast and does multiple shots without me having to set it. It’s good for events, where I don’t have much time. The portrait setting can be useful and for a general landscape shot to get the flavour of the whole event in one shot, the landscape setting is adequate. I will set the camera on manual for some shots and try to use a wide aperture and the correct white balance to get a really good shot that might be useful as a stock photo or an entry for a competition.

The weather in Britain is unpredictable, as I write this there are high winds and rain, it’s not really great weather for photography. I hope it will settle by the weekend. The carnival goes on all weekend so I have a better chance of taking some decent photos. Carnivals are colourful and so make for really good shoots. The canal boat festivals and meetings have colourful narrow-boats that break up the sea of blue and green we usually see on the canal. I also have the classic vehicle show noted in my events list and that too will be a colourful event. I am also going to photograph a meeting of horses with traps and carts, which tend to be colourfully decorated and the horses too can make for good shots.

I might even look at sporting events this year to photograph if the weather is nice. Again that sports setting will capture the action.

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I’m going to end with a mosaic of some of my events photos from over the last year. Click one to bring up the carousel and flick through them all –


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