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I haven’t written a post on this blog for quite some time. I was trying to write for two blogs and that was too much and so now I write just for A Zillion Ideas. Today, I have a guest post on there and so have time for a post here.

The photography posts on a Zillion Ideas are often republished now on our regional newspaper and so I’m reaching a few more people. I’ve been improving my photography too. I photographed a charity event last week and the local newspaper thought the photographs were very good. I’m not sure if they have used any of them, the referendum and other news items have dominated headlines.

Why do I do it?

Why do I blog and take photographs? It gives me something to do in my retirement and it helps other people. I have always been ambitious and voluntary work can help your ambitions, it can show people what you can do. I offered to do voluntary work and no one seemed interested and so I invented my own work. I’ve been developing a role for myself that includes writing and having a little influence on the people who read my work. I’m an admin of four Facebook pages that have an influence in the community that I belong to and I can help publicise events and issues within the community. This week, I even warned of flooding and gave people a link to report blocked storm drains. I hope I can bring about a little change in the community and make it a more caring community. I think through Facebook people are getting to know each other a little or at least becoming familiar with the names of people who comment on the Facebook pages a lot.

Brunswick Park

I went to a Friends of Brunswick Park meeting in May and became involved in the organisation of a Birthday Garden Party in the park. Unfortunately, the park became waterlogged and so the event had to be cancelled after all that work and expense. I did take on the task of setting up a Facebook page for the group and now we can communicate with the community. This will be useful not only for publicising future events but for engaging with the community about many issues regarding the park.

The future?

I intend to develop my role as a Wednesbury blogger and photographer. I was helping students with their studies but now they are graduates, even though they still ask for my advice I could help other students. Learning writing and photography could be the first step to a career for some enthusiastic young person. I will try to publicise the forthcoming carnival and I’ll be there taking photos. I will also photograph a local fun day in 2 weeks time. I won’t be doing anything revolutionary, but every little helps as they say in Tesco…


That’s all for today. Please check out A Zillion Ideas and perhaps subscribe to that blog too. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates or see what is on my Facebook page.


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