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Thrifty Thursday: Winter Bargains

The Aldi super-six this week are swede, red onions (1Kg), sweet potatoes (750g), baking potatoes (4), chantenay carrots (500g) and parsnips (600g).  They are all 59p each and the offer will continue until Wednesday, 28th of January. (more…)

Groundhog Day

1a walsall

Today’s photo is of Poundland in scenic Walsall. I went to Walsall art gallery last week. I think I’ll try to find somewhere less depressing to go today. It is Groundhog Day of course. The film by that name is 21 years old. (more…)

Movies | Pirates of the Caribbean

You have probably seen Pirates of the Caribbean : The curse of the Black Pearl. I know I had, but still watched it again last night. I watched on my laptop, it’s now on YouTube!

Smile with tongue out

So get yourself a drink and some nibbles, sit back, veg out and watch the movie! (more…)