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Iconic buildings: who pays?

The Public

I’ve started with a picture of an ‘iconic building’ today. Just down West Bromwich High Street, is another iconic building; the old town hall. That’s a Grade II listed building, but its not good enough for the councillors, they had to have a new civic centre with crystal chandeliers, miles away in Oldbury . (more…)


Is the climate really changing?


In the UK, the weather does appear to be changing and becoming more unstable. This time last year I was wearing a tee shirt and many people were sunbathing on the beaches. This year, we have snow and there is little sign of Spring.


The science bit…

Woden Road South, Wednesbury; England

Evaporation and photons

It was quite warm when I took this photo, in fact very warm in the car. I walked around the lake taking photos and it was cooler with a nice breeze. So to my first question; is the water in the lake, warm or cold? (more…)