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Frugal Friday | Only 99p


I went to Aldi last night and did a little shopping, getting fresh vegetables and things before the Bank Holiday weekend starts. The prices of most of the items on my bill,  ended in in 99p. Are these bargains? Not really! I have a bottle of soft drink that has 99p all around the top of the label to make it sound cheap. I think they would sell less if it said 99% water! Soft drinks are 99% water, but we often pay through the nose for them and so prices ending in 99, aren’t at all cheap. (more…)

Thrifty Thursday 2

St Paul's chruch, Wednesbury

I took this photograph not far from my home and it’s of a particularly well maintained church. Don’t get the idea that this is the English Countryside. The cars just visible to the left of that tree were streaming off the M6 motorway at rush hour! Junction 9 is probably the busiest in the country but we still found somewhere to go to take photographs that was interesting. Earlier that afternoon it was very cloudy and the light was bad but we still took some photographs of a railway. This was near my old school and so I took a few photographs of that too. This shows you can find places to go that doesn’t cost a fortune and why not take the kids? (more…)