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Investments | Zopa, ISA’s and other investments


Average or Typical?

I read that averages earning in the UK is around 25,000 and average savings per household is about 3,000; but these aren’t typical. Tell this to someone on a supermarket checkout earning minimum wage and they feel a bit hard done by! 3,000 pounds in savings is beyond many people and just a dream. I encourage people to be thrifty and frugal so that you can save, but what do you invest it in then? I like Zopa (Zone Of Possible Agreement) because it’s relatively low risk and you can get returns above the rate of inflation. (more…)


Finance Friday | Budgeting

Money - Seeing the future

Budget 2012

I learned this morning how many people read my blog and in which countries; I was surprised to learn in how many different countries. I have to be honest there were a few, that were unfamiliar! In the UK, later this month, the Chancellor of the Exchequer will present his budget for the coming year. We too have to budget and be careful with our money wherever we live in the world. This is a matter of understanding money and setting priorities; essentials are more important that luxuries and then keeping proper accounts. (more…)