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Thrifty Thursday | Recovering from Christmas


Christmas is over and if like me you spent a little more in December than usual, you might have to be extra thrifty and frugal in January. As you can see from the picture, I’m still enjoying my food. The pink salmon was from Poundland, the prawns were expensive and I think I used too many; but I enjoyed it! The salad was left over from Christmas of course; waste not want not… (more…)


Print your own money?

Money - Seeing the future


(Reuters) – A small town in central Italy is trying to go independent and mint its own money in protest at government austerity cuts.

Filettino, set in rugged hill country around 100 km (65 miles) east of Rome, is printing it’s own money to get around the austerity cuts. I like this idea! Localised quantitative easing and why not? If central bankers can do it, why not local people. Money is just paper, you can print anything to represent money, notes, vouchers, stamps; you don’t even have to print it with computers and smart phones, it can be just numbers on a computer screen; bits transferring from computer to computer. It just has to be credible. It has to mean something. The town council could issue notes or whatever with the town hall as security; that would be more solid and have more backing than the bank notes we use every day! (more…)