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Art in Darlo and Walsall


Darlaston, otherwise known as Darlo, is part of Walsall; but doesn’t seem to always be remembered by the council when they are spending money. There is a ‘new’ art gallery in Walsall that aspires to hosting the Turner prize, but the work of local artists in Darlo went on display in the library. I went to review it and took a few pictures. These are the watercolours. I thought most of them were good.



Does Walsall need a summer exhibition?


The weather was stormy this week, but seems to be picking up for the weekend. For some people the economy seems to be picking up too.


Neodigital Art | Exhibitions


I’ve been thinking about which pictures I would use if I was offered an exhibition in an art gallery. What do you think of this one? Would you want to see it in your local gallery? (more…)