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How to write a novel | Narration


Using a photograph to inspire you with an idea of where you story is taking place can be helpful. I used a woodland picture last week and this week I’m using another photograph from Moorcroft Wood. Your narrator would describe the woodland as your protagonist walked through. The narrator is your story teller and is usually like a newsreader; no slang or dialect. The narrator as I was reminded this week can be omnipotent, all knowing and all seeing. He not only sees the woodland, but knows what your protagonist is thinking and feeling. (more…)

How to write a novel

Moorcroft Wood

Many people think they can write a novel and intend to ‘do it one day’. Then they never get around to it. Making a start is often difficult and then you find all sorts of problems. First you have to decide who the novel is about; your protagonist. The protagonist in a play is the first character to appear on stage; the main character. So you decide on your main character and have some idea what he or she is like and then you need to set the stage for the story. Where is your main character? (more…)

How to be extraordinary

DSCF8494 (2)

When M. J. Webb, author of Jake West: The Keeper of the Stones went to talk to students about his first novel and one of them asked the question; can someone from an ordinary background become successful? Can the ordinary become extraordinary? The student was answered by  A. J. Hateley who was the book’s illustrator; she told the student that it’s not where you come from that counts; it’s where you are going! (more…)