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Neodigital Art | Flying Geese


The geese quite often think i have food for them but they should be fed on grain rather than bread. They come towards me and then turn away disappointed. This time they flew towards me and the ones whose feet are at the top of this photograph only just missed me! I was lucky that they all veered off to avoid hitting me. Sometimes you have to stand your ground to get your picture! (more…)

Thrifty Thursday 17

MM 3 023

We are into Autumn now and the colours of nature are changing; it’s getting cold! It was just 3C this morning and so decidedly chilly. Public buildings in the UK usually put heating on at the beginning of October but I was trying to delay until we change the clocks from British summer time back to GMT. I have insulation and draught proofing. I will probably save some energy by not getting up so early too! My contract ends this month with my energy supplier and so I can try to get a switch to a better tariff. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Update 27

motorway 005

I like the colours in this first photograph because they are muted Autumn colours. The light didn’t seem too good and my friend stayed in the car, he didn’t expect there to be good shots though! There are reds, browns and yellows in this photograph and even the black and white horse adds to the picture. (more…)