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Photography: Autumn – Winter

Autumn Landscape

In England we are well into Autumn now and some trees have lost all their leaves. The colours are changing and getting lighter, but the days are cloudier and darker. In this picture you can see the water is the same colour as the sky, but with golden reflections of the trees. (more…)


The Review: autumn events


We are half way through Autumn and winter is fast approaching. I managed to go to one event this week and take photographs. The bonfire and fireworks event caused traffic chaos so I didn’t get there, but at least I kept writing! (more…)

Photography: autumn pictures

Autumn 2014 (8)

I usually go out and take photographs on a Sunday afternoon because there is less traffic and I can drive around more easily. Things didn’t go according to plan this week and it rained a few times. I managed to take a few pictures though. (more…)

Sunday thoughts in Autumn


We are well into Autumn now and in England that means the changing colours of nature. People around the world have commented on today’s photograph and it’s not that special. Is it? It’s just trees and leaves, but it does represent nature’s ability to change. I think we can probably learn a lot from trees.


Autumn bargain hunting

The Aldi super six this week are cherry tomatoes (250g), broccoli, snack pack grapes (150g), carrots (1Kg), savoy cabbage and onions (1Kg). They are all 49p each. That offer ends on the 25th of September. The weather is getting cold now and so we have to think about winter soups and stews to keep us warm.


Neodigital Art | changing colours


At this time of year I like to record the changing colours as the seasons change. We’re are month into Autumn in England and so I expect all the colours of nature to change as winter approaches. You can see the colours better, when we have better light. In this picture you can see the first signs of winter colours.


Neodigital Art | The Four Seasons

PHOTO 1 012


In this Spring photo you can see the daffodils and everything is beginning to turn green. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Changing seasons

Morecroft 012

This photo was taken in Morecroft Wood and it’s a pool that the locals call the ‘Sanna’. Many years ago there was a sanatorium nearby that was viewed as quite a scary place because it was an isolation hospital mainly used to isolate people with contagious diseases like smallpox. You had to be quite brave to go swimming or fishing in the ‘Sanna’. I stayed well away until I was a teenager when we did go near there, but even then we were cautious! There was a chemical factory not far away and that was probably more dangerous than smallpox! (more…)

Neodigital Art | Summer and Autumn

Bilston Canal

This is my summer photograph taken in a poor light but it was daytime. The trees have leaves and are green and even the colour of the water is different from the Autumn photograph below. This photo was taken on the 24th September and so Autumn had just begun; to be more accurate! (more…)

A Sunday Ramble

PARK 016

Brunswick Park

I took this photograph in Brunswick Park, yesterday afternoon. It’s still a nice park despite the alterations over the years. I like the colours in this photograph as the leaves on the trees change to Autumn colours.  You can find out more about Brunswick park and Wednesbury on Wikipedia. (more…)

A Sunday Ramble…

Is it really autumn?

MM 3 028

I see autumn colours but the weather has been like it’s summer!  (more…)