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Thrifty shopping to save money

Money - Seeing the future

This week’s Super-Six  at Aldi are oranges (6), apples (6), pineapple, plums (500g), conference pears (6) and kiwis (8), all at 69p each. They have lots of special buys for today and Sunday too. We have to shop around and try to save a few quid.



Get lucky!


Through the ages certain symbols and items have been considered lucky or unlucky. The four leaf clover is considered lucky and there is also the lucky penny. Then some things are considered unlucky. Next Friday, is Friday the 13th and considered unlucky because Christ died on a Friday. Pirates of old considered anything to do with funerals that came on board their ship, to be bad luck, that included priests and flowers. Naked women on the ship were considered lucky, that’s why there would be a a figurehead of a naked women on the ship. I always believed that a naked woman knocking on your door carrying a case of beer was quite lucky…  Now onto my invisible picture… (more…)