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The Review: Subjects for bloggers

The Birmingham Canal at Tipton

Today’s picture is the Birmingham canal at Tipton. I’m hoping this photo will win the waterways calendar competition. Tipton isn’t the prettiest place in the country. In fact the whole of the Black Country can’t be described as pretty. I do take some good photos though, I just wish the planners could see views like this. (more…)


Sunday thoughts…

Manor 038


There was a little snow overnight and icy roads. It seemed to be melting, that’s the last thing I wanted because I have an hospital appointment this week. As usual on a Sunday, I’m writing today’s blog while I cook lunch. The high pressure brought snow but also sunshine and so I intend to go out and take a few photographs this afternoon. This is my second blog of the day. The first blog was about the super food that slows aging; silkie chicken! I get a lot of enquiries about silkie chickens! (more…)