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This weeks blogging review


The snow has kept on coming this week and at the time of writing, I’m expecting more. We do expect the weather to improve over the weekend though. I noticed a patch on my roof where the snow is melting, it’s over the hatch to the loft which isn’t insulated. Heat’s escaping! Have you looked at your roof?



Blue Monday


It is the third Monday in January and so called ‘Blue Monday’; the most depressing day of the year. The bills are coming in, we are using a small fortune in gas and electricity to keep warm and the weather is awful. Can it get worse? Probably not… Many of us are suffering from the usual winter bugs too.


Blue Monday

PHOTO 1 008

The excitement of Christmas and New Year is over and the reality of credit card bills and other nasties is upon us. To make matters worse the news is all doom and gloom; Nick Clegg is making a speech and payday seems a long way away. The weekend is over and it’s miserable Monday. Do not despair, look at the picture, I took that on the 6th of April last year and the daffodils were blooming, the blossom was on the trees and it was warm. I know it’s bloody freezing today, but April is only 3 months away. The glass is half full; not half empty! (more…)