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Christmas Bargains


Aldi is closed today and I think Lidl is too, but most other supermarkets like Asda are starting their Christmas sales.  You can find Aldi’s Christmas opening hours on their website. The special buys have been moved from Thursday to Friday. (more…)

Thrifty Thursday: Christmas Countdown 13 days

The super six at Aldi today are clementines (600g), Brussels sprouts  (750g), Maris Piper potatoes (1.5Kg), parsnips (750g), carrots (1.5Kg) and lemons (5). They are all 69p. That offer lasts until the end of the month with new offers beginning on the 2nd of January. I think we can assume they will be closed on the 1st of Jan.


Boxing Day blues.

Panoramic watercolour pencil

I’ve started with an artistic picture today. I used three different programs to do that one. It’s Boxing Day and I think there will be a few hangovers around today. For those of you asking about supermarket opening hours, I think they’re all closed except for Asda. You can check out iopeningtimes for most stores.


Boxing Day 2011 | Blogging through Christmas


Today’s picture shows the canal frozen over, I’m pleased to say it’s a little warmer now. People are using up leftover food today. Many will have leftover turkey and I read a recipe this morning  for a Thai curry made from leftover turkey. These celebrity chefs live on another planet where Tesco is always open and coconut milk is always in stock. They also seem to have unlimited amounts of money. (more…)

Thrifty Christmas


It’s quite cold in England now but it is warmer today at around 5 C. Warmer than on Sunday when I photographed these swans making their way through the ice.  I had frozen food in the back of my car so the weather was good for that but I was freezing. (more…)