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Thrifty | A skill to save money



I went to Lidl on Sunday afternoon and was reminded that I really need to learn how to cook rice. It seems you have to ‘wash’ it to remove excess starch and then cook it with just the right amount of water so the dried rice absorbs the water and cooks. It sounds easy but my rice tend to stick together. The boil in a bag rice is easier and the packets that you can microwave are great. You don’t have to microwave that rice, you can stir fry it. It appears to be partly cooked and coated in sunflower oil. Anyway, 5 kilograms of rice was about £5.00; that would last a while! That’s a new skill that will save money! (more…)

Boxing Day 2011 | Blogging through Christmas


Today’s picture shows the canal frozen over, I’m pleased to say it’s a little warmer now. People are using up leftover food today. Many will have leftover turkey and I read a recipe this morning  for a Thai curry made from leftover turkey. These celebrity chefs live on another planet where Tesco is always open and coconut milk is always in stock. They also seem to have unlimited amounts of money. (more…)