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Photography: Slow speeds.

1 walkway bridge

At first glance this photo looks good, but it’s slightly blurred. It would have been good if I could have held the camera perfectly still. The other option is to use a faster shutter speed. You can see the frost on the tow path of the canal, so I was shivering a little! A faster shutter speed was the obvious answer. (more…)


A Sunday Ramble

Bentley Mill from the aqueduct

In my last Neodigital Art blog I used a picture of a bridge. The river goes under that bridge and the canal goes over the top through an aqueduct. I took this photograph after walking across the field and up on to the aqueduct. I was standing at the side of the canal. It was a bit windy and I was a little worried about falling in the water! Wherever we go there seems to always be a canal and we often get the twin spires of the churches in the background and I can see them in this picture too.  (more…)