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Midweek thoughts on English society and culture


The Autumn colours are nice and make photographs more interesting, but it gets dark early in the afternoon. In summer I go out at two o’clock on a Sunday to take photos. This week I was ready to come home by two thirty having rushed to take some photos before the light changed. The weather is changeable, it’s either dark and cloudy or bright and sunny, but very cold.



Rules? What rules?


There have always been rules in English society. They are the standards of behaviour that people are expected to follow. The social etiquette that defines what is acceptable. The rules are copied by other cultures too. The British had an empire and influenced many other cultures. We were influenced in turn by European cultures and the European aristocracy. The rules seem to have been well-defined in the Victorian era and even earlier when people knew their place and how to behave. But why did some people ignore the rules?