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Thrifty Thursday | Spotting the bargains

The Aldi Super-six this week are garlic (3), cucumber,  mango, pineapple, kiwi fruit (8) and chestnut mushrooms (250g). They are all 59p each. Those continue until Saturday the 23rd of February. The quick and easy recipes on the Aldi website are worth checking out. Today’s offers include gardening supplies and with just 30 days to Spring, now is the time to think about growing some veggies.



Neodigital Art | Changing seasons


I took this photograph last October on a sunny day. You can see the colours changing and reflecting more light. The light was better in Autumn last year than we have had in summer this year. We have to be prepared for whatever nature decides to throw at us and make the most of it.


Frugal summer update

Money - Seeing the future

It’s summer in England but we have had almost constant rain so far. It’s not over though is it? We still have half of August left and if previous years is anything to go by we could have quite a mild Autumn right up to December. We can’t take chances though and so get out and enjoy it while you can especially if you have children on holiday from school. Think about the future though, retailers are and they have stock to get rid of, before summer comes to an end.


Neodigital Art Update 30


Walsall Arboretum

I have chosen this photograph to begin with because I was shooting into the sun. The sun was shining through the trees and gave a good effect, but I must have moved as I took the shot. The days are shorter now and so even mid-afternoon the sun is quite low in the sky. The light is very different from what it is in the summer and so we get Autumn colours as the leaves change colour but also the light has an effect. (more…)