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Naughty or Nice?

In the snow

When I was a kid, we were told we would get coal in our stocking instead of presents if we were naughty. Why coal? The original idea of Father Christmas or Santa Claus was that he would drop gold coins down the chimney for ‘good children’ on Christmas Eve and if you were naughty you would wake to find coal in the stockings you had hung in the fireplace instead.


Christmas Eve Ramble

Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas

I don’t care, I’ll say Merry Christmas if I want to; Happy Holidays doesn’t sound quite right! I’m not too fussy about tradition, but will have turkey and roast pork for Christmas lunch tomorrow. It’s been an interesting year so far, I was nominated for writing awards and got that one last week for writing and photography. My Dark Globe Artist Diversity Award can be found here. I also was a finalist in the photographic competition at the hospital and got a certificate from the mayor. I might get involved with the latest project too, which is about the history of the hospital. (more…)

Thrifty Christmas


It’s quite cold in England now but it is warmer today at around 5 C. Warmer than on Sunday when I photographed these swans making their way through the ice.  I had frozen food in the back of my car so the weather was good for that but I was freezing. (more…)