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Photography: Autumn – Winter

Autumn Landscape

In England we are well into Autumn now and some trees have lost all their leaves. The colours are changing and getting lighter, but the days are cloudier and darker. In this picture you can see the water is the same colour as the sky, but with golden reflections of the trees. (more…)


The Review: Gareth Gates does Wednesbury

Wednesbury Christmas Lights 2014 with Gareth Gates

I went to the big switch-on of Wednesbury’s Christmas Lights yesterday with Gareth Gates doing the big switch-on. I froze last year and so I was well protected from the weather this time. (more…)

Blogging: Meeting your readers

Christmas Lights

I usually write a blog post every day, but I missed Monday this week and yesterday published a photography post on a Zillion Ideas. Last week’s photography post was published on my local newspaper’s website. (more…)

The review: ready for Christmas?

It’s that time of year again when the Christmas lights are switched on in town centres. These days they aren’t quite as plentiful as they used to be when lots of small businesses would join in and light up their shops too.


Photography: shots in the dark

Wednesbury Christmas

I took this photo last November at the official switch-on of the town Christmas lights and I didn’t even use a flash. There is quite a lot of light and the camera will adjust to the low light. I was using quite a fast shutter speed and a wide aperture. If you are taking photos like this, you’ll get decent pictures on auto. (more…)

Grandiose schemes

1 The Metro

I photographed the Midland Metro yesterday, that was a grandiose scheme meant to bring wealth to Birmingham and the Black Country. They want to extend it to Merry Hill, another grandiose scheme that started with a tax free enterprise zone. They always want grandiose and iconic schemes. (more…)

Christmas Photography and editing

Wednesbury Market

I didn’t have many new pictures last week, but this week I have lots! I went to photograph the switch on of the Christmas lights on Friday and got lots of photos. It took me 24 hours to thaw out afterwards though.


No, I’m not from the Express and Star!

Wednesbury Couple

This couple asked me to take their photo on Friday when I was photographing the switch on of the Christmas lights in Wednesbury. This post will probably be syndicated on the YamYam and so maybe they will see their photo. Earlier two rather rude women asked if I was from the Express and Star, the regional newspaper. They walked away uninterested when they realised I wasn’t.


Hypothermia in Wednesbury


Officially the winter hasn’t even started yet, we’re still in Autumn; but the sub zero temperatures are here. I went to the switching on of the Christmas lights in Wednesbury yesterday. It was cold. The temperature was 0 C and the wind chill factor made it feel like –10. I’ll probably use the photos of that tomorrow.


My Big Day

Loxdale Sidings

Regular readers will know that I didn’t win the Photographic competition but at least I was a runner up and my photograph will go on display at the hospital. There is a presentation for the winner today who will win an Olympus Pen camera and then there will be the big switch on of the Christmas Lights! It’s exciting for me because I’ll be venturing into foreign territory; over the border into the next town! I’m dressing smart-casual; I tried wearing a suit to go to the hospital once.  I looked like a doctor; a young lady came up and told me she had  a really embarrassing problem.  I said, “I’m no gynaecologist; but I don’t mind tekkin a look!” (more…)

Every cloud has a silver lining



This is the photograph that I had in a photography competition; it got into the final 12 photographs but didn’t win. I have been invited to the presentation for the winner this week and afterwards will be the big Christmas lights switch on. Every cloud has a silver lining! (more…)