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Sunday thoughts

Spring flowers along the River Tame

I wonder sometimes about politicians, they never seem to have an original idea. Labour is now formulating policies with 99  weeks to go to the general election. They seem to be planning to do the same as the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition. More cuts and more clueless action…



Is the climate really changing?


In the UK, the weather does appear to be changing and becoming more unstable. This time last year I was wearing a tee shirt and many people were sunbathing on the beaches. This year, we have snow and there is little sign of Spring.


Blue Monday

PHOTO 1 008

The excitement of Christmas and New Year is over and the reality of credit card bills and other nasties is upon us. To make matters worse the news is all doom and gloom; Nick Clegg is making a speech and payday seems a long way away. The weekend is over and it’s miserable Monday. Do not despair, look at the picture, I took that on the 6th of April last year and the daffodils were blooming, the blossom was on the trees and it was warm. I know it’s bloody freezing today, but April is only 3 months away. The glass is half full; not half empty! (more…)

The science bit…

Woden Road South, Wednesbury; England

Evaporation and photons

It was quite warm when I took this photo, in fact very warm in the car. I walked around the lake taking photos and it was cooler with a nice breeze. So to my first question; is the water in the lake, warm or cold? (more…)