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Photography: landscape photography

Woden Road South July 2012

I took this photo in 2012 with my Fujfilm S5600, since then I’ve moved on to a Nikon DSLR and have more experience. I think my style of photography has also changed. The scenes change too and the weather changes with the changing seasons. You don’t need an expensive camera to take good shots or to experiment.



The Review: Another week of writing and photography

1 Walsall Canal - winter sunshine

Today’s photo was taken on the Walsall canal at Ocker Hill. I do try to show the Black Country in a good light; that’s when I get a good light to take the photo. This is one of the pictures I’ve entered for the waterways calendar competition.


The weekend review

Bridge to Moorcroft

Today’s picture is of the canal bridge over to Moorcroft Wood. I am still looking for a suitable photo for the Waterways calendar competition. I might go back there tomorrow and take another shot of that bridge at a higher resolution. (more…)

Finance Friday | Supply and demand

In theory, competition and supply and demand should regulate prices in a free market. In practice that isn’t the case. There are monopolies and cartels. There can be a lack of competition. There can be government interference in the market, such as the government’s ‘help to buy scheme’; that can distort the property market. An increased money supply can also mean increased demand.


A market economy?

Imagine you had to buy meat at the butchers because no one else sold it. If the prices kept going up, that could be because there was a lack of competition. If there are only two butchers on the High Street and the nearest one apart from those were 50 miles away; they might take advantage of that.


My Big Day

Loxdale Sidings

Regular readers will know that I didn’t win the Photographic competition but at least I was a runner up and my photograph will go on display at the hospital. There is a presentation for the winner today who will win an Olympus Pen camera and then there will be the big switch on of the Christmas Lights! It’s exciting for me because I’ll be venturing into foreign territory; over the border into the next town! I’m dressing smart-casual; I tried wearing a suit to go to the hospital once.  I looked like a doctor; a young lady came up and told me she had  a really embarrassing problem.  I said, “I’m no gynaecologist; but I don’t mind tekkin a look!” (more…)