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Christmas Bargains


Aldi is closed today and I think Lidl is too, but most other supermarkets like Asda are starting their Christmas sales.  You can find Aldi’s Christmas opening hours on their website. The special buys have been moved from Thursday to Friday. (more…)

Barclaycard: Could do better

I have finally ordered myself a new mobile phone, complete with car charger. I might be able to get a signal now. I will be able to update Facebook, tweet and maybe even Skype too. I used my Barclaycard, because I get the legal protection on a purchase over £100.


Thrifty Thursday | Careful shopping

The Aldi super-six today are plums (400g), peaches (4/5), large vine tomatoes (450g), sweet corn (2), salad potatoes (1Kg) and runner beans (250g). They are all 69p. I’ve been to Curry’s this week and bought a USB flash drive to record TV programmes on. I later discovered I can play them back on my laptop.


Thrifty sale time


The super-six at Aldi this week are sprouts (500g), carrots (1Kg) and parsnips (500g) are all at 39p and the Maris Piper potatoes (1.5Kg), lemons (6) and clementines or satumas (600g) are all at 69p. The same as last week. I have some shopping to do, so I might look at the today’s special buys this afternoon. (more…)

Thrifty Thursday | Sales

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It’s that time of year again and there are sales at most retailers around the UK. Need a dinner suit for a posh dinner? There is a gentleman’s dinner jacket and trousers in Matalan’s sale for £45! (more…)

Thrifty Thursday 11

Money - Seeing the future


I mentioned last week that I was buying a microwave. I ended up with the stainless steel one from Comet, but it’s not stainless inside. I paid £49.99 in the end for that, so not a great disaster if it doesn’t last. (more…)

Thrifty Thursday 10

Money - Seeing the future


I’ve give a link to Tesco Direct before I forget, on the page there are money off codes for when you shop online with Tesco Direct. You can save £5 when you spend £50 or £10 when you spend £75; good savings but I might shop there more if they just lowered prices… I wish I had seen those codes before I bought my TV from Tesco, I would have got Mutual Points, Tesco Club card points, a money off code and a Tesco voucher! Mutual Points are OK, I saved 15,000 can cashed them in for £100.00

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