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Psychology | implications and conclusions

Woden Road South

People looking at my photographs, like the one above; often think I live in a really nice place. They conclude that from the photos I post. The people who live here conclude something entirely different, they see the graffiti that I try to avoid photographing. By using these photographs, I am implying or suggesting that this is a nice place to live. Using this phenomenon; the tendency of people to make assumptions based upon what they see and hear can be very useful. People will assume all kinds of things about you based upon the way you look, sound and behave. Do you want them to conclude something about you that is quite different? (more…)


Thrifty Thursday | Little luxuries

prawn and crab salad

Prawn Salad

You might remember my gourmet food blog that featured an Icelandic prawn salad. I was looking forward to making another one on Sunday and went foraging for another little tub of prawns in Lidl. The price went up! They were £1.19, up from just 65p a couple of weeks ago. I still had them but made two meals this time with them. I used half the tub on Sunday with half a tin of white crab meat and a little iceberg lettuce, tomato, Branston and chips. The white crab meat was from Poundland. Yummy… (more…)