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Thrifty Thursday | discounts and concessions

The Aldi super-six this week are salad potatoes (1Kg), green beans (220g), oranges, pineapple, large vine tomatoes (450g) and cauliflower. They are all 69p each. Green beans are really healthy and if the weather keeps improving, I’ll be eating a few salads.



Frugal Friday | DIY

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In my kitchen, I have plain walls and easy to clean tiles. I hope the plain walls will make it easy to redecorate next time. The fashion for some years, since the 1980’s has been for textured wall paper, that you can just emulsion, when it needs redecorating. It’s good, but you need some pictures as well in the living room and perhaps the hallway. (more…)

Money | DIY

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Multi-test meter, batteries and LED torch

I bought the multi test meter a few years ago it was £2.99 at Maplin which shows you should grab a bargain when you see one; they are £9.99 today for the domestic multi-test meter. I had the 4 AA batteries from Lidl a couple of weeks ago for £2.79 and they fit my camera. I charged the AAA batteries today for the cordless phone, they were the same price. The torch is an LED torch with 2 bright LED’s and a handle that you press to make it light up. I assume the battery charges when you press the handle . I bought that a couple of months ago and the quality isn’t great but it works! I did drop it on the floor when I was arranging that photograph and it was fiddly to re-assemble the on-off switch; but it’s OK now! Guess how much it cost! I had it from Poundland!

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