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Thrifty Thursday–saving even more money

The super-six at Aldi this week are; savoy cabbage, mild onions (3), beetroot (500g), lemons (3), carrots (1Kg) and broccoli (350g). They are all 39p each. I think I’ll have the broccoli, it is rich in vitamin C. Carrots contain beta carotene which is a double molecule of vitamin A, they’re very good for you too. Lemons are exceptionally high in vitamins C and great for making old fashioned lemonade.


Don’t time fly when you’re having fun?


Happy birthday to me…

Yes, it’s my birthday yet again. My mate Richard; in Sydney, Australia posted a picture of a teddy bear and a birthday cake on Facebook earlier (my birthday started early in Oz). That took me back to when I was a kid, playing  doctors and nurses with teddy and the girl down the road; she was the doctor. I’ll never forget what she did to teddy with that three feet of plastic tubing; no wonder his eye fell out.  (more…)