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Cameron’s Broken Britain…

MANOR 2 004

David Cameron pledged his government would “turn around the lives of the 120,000 most troubled families” by the next election as he said his broken society analysis is “back at the top of my political agenda.

I’m not satisfied that we’re doing all we can. I want us to look at toughening up the conditions for those who are out of work and receiving benefits … and speeding up our efforts to get all those who can work back to work.”

Typical Tory, get tough on the poorest in society. I have seen people who are mentally ill refused benefits that they are entitled to. Is that fair? Is it right that the medical examinations should be done by a foreign company? (more…)


Sunday ramble | August



One good thing about taking photographs  is if you’re having an off day, you can look at the photographs and remember when you were having a good day! I took this picture down by a lake and I might just go back there today, it’s relaxing walking around taking photographs and looking for good shots. I like to get the flowers or trees or something in the foreground to give the photograph some depth. These flowers are a little too small for that and I am curious to know what they are. (more…)