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Finance Friday | Priorities

Can you imagine living in a country where you don’t have any opportunities and struggle to get clean water and enough to eat? Here in the UK, most people are lucky, but there is a lot of inequality. Young people on benefits go into MacDonald’s to eat, just because it’s there. 



Saturday roundup of this weeks ideas


The weather forecast for this weekend is rain all weekend and so I think there is little chance of me taking more photographs this weekend. It’s only 11 days to the Spring equinox. That will be closely followed by Easter and we will be putting the clocks on an hour so the evenings will be lighter and maybe a little warmer.


We are all in this together

The recession appears to be getting worse. I was watching a programme on television last night about people who become homeless. They get evicted from their homes, because they can’t pay their mortgage or rent. Is it their own fault because they got sick, lost their job or their business failed?


A financial storm brewing?

I keep getting emails telling me that there is a financial storm brewing. I don’t watch the video, they tend to ramble on and you’re none the wiser afterwards. They are after my money, I can be sure of that. So will the recession in the UK get worse? Or better?


Thrifty Thursday | Rising prices


The reason for todays picture is I’m thinking about transport. When the government in the UK does quantitative easing (printing money) commodity prices like oil go up. Oil is used for transport and gas is used for heating and making electricity; so all our basic costs go up. Prices on the stock markets have been taking a battering in the past few weeks and the Eurozone crisis has deepened; we just have to be thrifty and frugal and try to weather the storm. (more…)

What’s wrong with this country?


I wanted to write about stupid stuff this morning. Like, why do we erect stupid statues of 6 legged horses, that no one can see. Why does the new college have a wave shaped roof? Why  is the art (gallery?) pink? Why are the stupid people in charge of everything? Why has petrol gone up from 128.9 before Christmas to 138.9 now? Why did the government give lots of money to councils to put disabled crossings on the roads everywhere and then cut benefits for disabled people? Why do I have to pay vehicle excise licence on my car as well as putting petrol in it at an obscene price? Why are they obsessed with stupid acronyms? (more…)

Thrifty | Comparing Prices



I went to Aldi in search of bargains again this week. I usually go there first but went on the way home forgetting they closed early. You really need plenty of time to search for bargains and 10 minutes wasn’t enough. I still got chicken and eggs at a better price than the larger supermarkets. (more…)

A Sunday Ramble | Plans

A Willenhall Park, Thursday 13 October 2011 (3)

Today’s photograph was taken by Simon James and I did the editing. I cropped a litter bin off and changed it to monochrome. It’s a Victorian memorial park. It’s over a year since I started this blog and I’ve written over 200 blogs and have plans for a brand new blog with a new name. I intend to give other writers the opportunity to write for the new blog and anyone else who wants to contribute something good like a photograph or poem even will be encouraged to do so. (more…)