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Photography: Words and pictures

Black Country

Sometimes you want your photograph to get across a particular message. Then you can use words overlaid on your picture. Someone once said that the Black Country was black by day and red by night. I edited this image to try to convey that and added the words. How did I do it? (more…)


The Wonder of Art

2013-06-21 19.14.36 colored pencil

Carolyn over at the Wonder of Tech sent me a couple of photos to edit this morning and I had 30 minutes to spare so tried this edit. I used PhotoScape and the coloured pencil option. I like it, it’s artistic and I would be happy to have this on the wall of my living room. What do you think?


Neodigital Art | More diverse editing


The weather has improved a little now that we are closer to summer. I took this shot on Sunday and it was quite sunny. Notice how I’ve used the trees to add depth. I didn’t edit much, I just added some contrast.


Neodigital Art | Winter creativity

All Saints 009

I managed to take a few photographs on Sunday, it was cold, but at least the rain stopped. This one was into the sun, but it looked a good shot at the time.


Neodigital Art | Editing old photos

West Brom High Street

Sometimes you can scan an old photo and improve it or make it artistic with editing. This is West Bromwich High Street at the beginning of the 20th century. I edited with PhotoScape and use the colorize option.


Neodigital art | Editing to create art


I think this photograph is quite artistic, it was a good shot and then I edited it to try to get something artistic. This is the original picture: